Trail Terms

For those of you new to the trail community the I thought you would enjoy the following glossary. These terms are bound to show up throughout my posts. Enjoy.

Hiker Terms 

* Thru-hiker – A hiker who is hiking from one terminus to the other terminus.

* NOBO – Northbound Hiker

* SOBO – Southbound Hiker

* Terminus – The beginning or the end.

* Springer Mt., GA – Southern terminus

* Mt. Katahdin, ME – Northern terminus

* White Blaze – 2 x 6 inch paint swatches on trees to mark the trail.

* Blue Blaze – Similar paint swatches that mark a side trail.

* Yellow Blazing – Skipping part of the trail and ride in a vehicle.

* Cairn – Piles of stones to mark the trail when trees are not present for white blazes.

* Bald – A treeless area at the top of a higher elevation.

* LNT – Leave No Trace behind

* PUDS – Pointless Ups and Downs
* AYCE – All You Can Eat
* Bounce Box – a hikers package with resupplies they “bounce” from town to town ahead of them as they hike.
* Mail Drop – a package mailed ahead of time to a designated destination along the trail.

* Trail Angel – Someone that helps hikers with rides, food,  snacks, drinks, a place to stay and/or any other type of assistance for free.

* Trail Magic – food, snacks and/or drinks left on trail by strangers for hikers.

* Trailname – A name a hiker uses instead of their real name.

* Bushwacking – Having to hike through dense shrub and/or brush.

* Switchback – A zigzag trail to make an incline easier to traverse.

* Slackpacking – Hike without a pack or less in your pack.
* Zero Day – A day without hiking.
* Nero Day – A low mileage day.
* Flip Flop – Hiking different parts of the trail not in order.

* YoYoing –  Ending the hike and turning around and doing it again in the opposite direction.
* Yoging – trying to get food from others without actually asking for it.

* Cat Hole – A small hole hikers dig to bury bathroom waste.

* Privy – Outhouse

* Shelter – Three sided wood structures in the woods for hikers to sleep in.

* Hostel –  Low cost rooms for hikers.

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