The trail giveth and the trail taketh away

The first thing the trail took from me was my bright orange Black Bear hat. I lost it the second day on the trail. It was going to be my signature hat. 

I have been a recipient of serendipitous items from the trail several times. The main thing I continue to be given from the trail is change. I find change everywhere. I think I am the only hiker who actually carries change. I collect it and drop it in the next tip or donation jar I come to when I enter town. 

My really nice find was a square foam seat that Gilligan found and gave to me. It was just lying in the middle of the trail. I like to take lots of breaks and that makes it nice to sit on and is light. 

Several smaller things like a twist tie to hold my cords so they don’t become tangled in my bag. One morning when packing up I said to myself I needed to get twist ties next stop in town. That night when I set up my tent there was a large one on the ground. The trail giveth? I know it is really God who giveth. 

The largest item the trail took from me happened about 4 days ago. The trail did not provide for my hiking buddy, Andrew so he decided to go home. I cried for 2 whole miles. Then I was sad the whole day. I get so emotional attached to people I care about and he and his wife hav a special place in my heart. I know I will see them when I get home but that first day on the trail was so hard and lonely without him. I wish him well. 

Emily M. Leonard

About Emily M. Leonard

I am a 50 year old Maine native and lover of the outdoors. Former Physical Education teacher and soccer coach. I am Married to the best husband ever and gave up teaching and coaching to raise our two wonderful sons. I have always enjoyed being outside and on the go.