Who’s who on the trail

Since the next two days are zero days I thought I would do some posts about things I didn’t have time to do while hiking. Right now I would like to start with some of my hiker friends. 

In the beginning there was Andrew and Mozzie.

  They became “Gilligan” and “Scooby” Gilligan did not authorize Scooby’s trail name but I gave it to him anyways. They needed to return home back by Fontana Dam. He has since returned to the trail and will do a flip flop hike. 

   This well fed group starting in the back is Midnight, Lunch Lady, Peggy (who became Mighty Mouse Later), and the front is, Scooby, Gilligan and myself. We just had A free Breakfast provided by First Baptist Church in Franklin, NC.

Midnight is an “escapee” from a VA hospital. He had been in there for over a year. He was kept drugged up after his injuries and surgeries. One day the nurse messed up his meds and didn’t give him the right dose which allowed him to become lucid enough to call his daughter to pick him up. He came to the trail to heal. They said he would never recovery enough to walk. Have not seen him since NC

Lunch Lady is a super friendly gal from St Pete Florida. Her original trail name was Pink Panther because she wore pink. She acquired her Lunch Lady fame because on one cold and rainy day at a shelter she made sandwiches with all her extra food and shared it. She sprained an ankle and had to leave the trail a long time ago. We keep in touch. 

 This is Arizona. I can’t remember his self chosen trailname. I always called him Arizona because that is the state he hails from. We hiked together off and on in the beginning. Have not seen him either. 

   Meet Shrek and Donkey, two fellow Mainers. He is an awesome guy. Donkey is the cutest and best behaved dog. Have not seen him either since NC but I heard he is still on the trail. He needed to heal some injuries. 

    Trail Angels at New Found Gap, NC. I cannot remember their names but the provided some really great trail magic. They come out for one week a year over their anniversary to bless us hikers. 

  Meet my two cubs, this is Pumpkin Butt and Fruit Smoothie. They are a brother and sister duo from Massachusetts originally but have been living in Utah for the last several years. This photo was taken after a resupply stop my other Trail Angels took us to.  

  These guys are father and son. I can’t remember their names or where they are fun. We shared a hostel together and I cooked a fantastic meal. They were happy to have even though I charged them 10$ each. Good deal for what they got. 

This is I Believe. She hiked the trail last year and this year she and her hubby Jimmy are providing trail Magic.   They were my personal trail Angels a few times.    

Meet Bloomer He is hilarious and we hiked together off and on for awhile. He was only hiking to Damascus. He lives in PA and I hope to meet up with him in a day or two. 

  Jimmy, I Believe and Black Bear (me)

   Jesus and myself. Yes. That’s his trailname. 

  My hiking family. This motley crew became my hiking family for a very long time. In the photo is GQ, Walking Man, Pumpkin Butt, Fruit Smoothie, Camera Man and myself. Camera Man was only out for a week. He is doing a documentary on GQ and Walking Man. 

   Me with Walking Man and GQ, fellow Mainers. Soon after this we parted ways. They are hiking at a machines pace to get home by early September. I can’t keep that pace. 

  This is Sisu. He was the first ridge runner I met way at the beginning on top at Springer Mt, GA. He also works at the Conservency in WV. He treated me to lunch. Yummy. 

 Mama Bear, Little Butt, Spicy Man and Tough Guy. This mother of three hiked from Ga-Harper’s Ferry last year and will complete the hike from Harper’s Ferry-Katahdin this year. The kids are twin 5 year olds and a 9 year old. Wow!!!

 Caretakers of a shelter site. They brought up ice cold sodas for everyone.

 Biker Dudes. Not hikers. I was alone when I crossed the halfway sign and I heard voices up ahead. There was a little parking area and these Harley hunks were taking a break. I asked them to come down the trail to take my picture.  

  They were so impressed and asked me loads of questions.

   Another non hiker. At Pine Grove Furnace State Park, Home of the half gallon ice cream challenge this guy and several other bikers and a camera crew were there. I inquired and found out they were filming clips for a new TV Series. A cross between Sons of Anarchy and American Pickers. They are bikers who love historical Americana and its preservation. 

   Appagy and Plyo. A super nice couple. They live on a 42 foot catamaran when they are not hiking or on some other adventure. 

There are many other hiker friends but I don’t have their pictures. Hope you enjoyed some of my  “family”away from home.

   Solo. I met him way way back for the first time. A very nice guy. He captured some cool pics of wildlife.  

This bear came right into the camp area and he took this shot from inside a shelter. The bear grunted at him and was not impressed with the human presence. I was not there.  

 This inquisitive deer approached his tent. I have seen lots of deer that are very “tame” and we’re interested in my company. 

Happy Hiking

Emily M. Leonard

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