I spoke to soon

This morning’s hike started out gradual with very little rockiness and smoothed out into  a nice walking trail. The exact opposite of how last night ended. It went on pleasantly for about 4 or five miles. Then when I didn’t think things could get worse then yesterday, they did.  I was filming some video of more impressive 30 foot rock walls like I saw yesterday and stated how it is nice we didn’t have to go up them. I turned the camera off so I could safely traverse the rock path and the white blazes turned and disappeared into that rock wall. Wow. I had spoken too soon. Unlike most of the other rocky roads, this one provided a spectacular view. 



This section is called the Knfe Edge and it was every bit as tough and scary as it sounds. But it was super fun and I had no problem with it. Even though with every step a serious fall could take place and or a hidden rattle snake could have been sunny on the cliff. 

The day continued with more rocks and more rocks. I am sure you are getting tired of reading about rocks. Imagine how I feel. 

After a grueling stretch up and over an incline and exposed power line vista where there was no apparent best path, one just had to find what worked best for herself, there was a very nice spread of trail Magic. 


       Gallons of water, tons of treats, medical supplies and a host of misc hiker needs. I drank a liter and filled my bottles. Water is scarce here. That gift got me to my tent site for the night and will be enough for breakfast. 50 feet after this magic spot the trail dumped onto a dirt road and a man was there giving cold sodas. I had one of those also. That was my second coke of the day and third trail Magic. I had some earlier in the day by a nice gentleman. Water and coke and a tangerine. Thanks trail Angels. 

Today ended with a fairly soft walk the last two miles

  with very few rocks in the trail. I am all settled in for the night and hope to sleep well as the humidity has seemed to left for the night. 

A sneak peak at tomorrow’s beginning hike.

photo captured from Gut Hook AT APP

I am where the blue circle is. Apparently that first ascent is a class 3 climb. I have about 3 pounds of food I don’t need. I hope I can find someone between now and then who would like it. Sh! Don’t tell Bruce, I am always giving away food because I pack too much and that’s an expensive mistake. I make a lot of hikers happy though.  I will be carrying full water bottles since there isn’t any source after I leave here tomorrow for 17 miles. Luckily I am not doing another long day. 3 in a row is enough. 

Happy Hiking 

Emily M. Leonard

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I am a 50 year old Maine native and lover of the outdoors. Former Physical Education teacher and soccer coach. I am Married to the best husband ever and gave up teaching and coaching to raise our two wonderful sons. I have always enjoyed being outside and on the go.