Trail magic again today.

Wye Knot has finally caught back up. We meet way way back and have hiked together a little. He got off trail at Harper’s Ferry, WV and went to visit friends and family at his home in Maryland. He enjoyed 11 days of R&R and was way behind me. He is a machine and now we are back together. We are going to try and stay together. He likes to hike fast and long. I like to hike medium and not too far. So we will see. We are enjoying pizza tonight watching the women’s World Cup. 2-0 already. We will be staying at Maria’s house in Salisbury, CT.  

 This is Hoosier Mama who joined us today. We hiked upon her today just before our break. She is section hiking for a week. She has completed all the miles south of here in two previous years of hiking. We had tons of fun hiking with her today. We teased the heck out of her because she has only been back on the trail for 3 days and she already took advantage of slack packing with Hubby Bear. When the game was over and the waitress brought the check she snatched it out of our hands and insisted on paying. How awesome is that. 

Maria is a really nice little old lady who loves hikers and opens her house up for a small fee. It was like walking into my grand mothers house. It was so cozy and comfy and she treats you like family. 

We hiked with a peppy step today after last nights awesome trail magic and with the knowledge of trail magic 5 miles up the road which would be at lunch time. So that made trail magic again today.  


Hoosier Momma & Black Bear

 (3-0 now USA)

(4-0 now)

Red Panda is hiking thru and she lives close to the trail so she is currently taking a few days off and decided to do trail magic. She has a very large and generous family and friends who pitched in and made lunch time extra special. Thank you Panda Bear.

After at least an hour and a half’s rest Hubby Bear said to me, “shall I get your boots?” I replied, “I suppose I should get hiking. That that he piped, “If you want a pillow tonight you must hike.” I thought Wye Knot and Hoosier Mama wet gonna fall out of their chairs laughing. I believe it was Hoosier who said, “there’s a little tough love”. So I strapped on my boots and away the three of us went to complete 7.2 miles to Maria’s house. 

  This is one of my favorite things on the trail. That is to hike all day in the forest and then to pop out into a gorgeous field field with sunshine. It is so exhilarating. 

When we were close to the day’s extraction point I told the other two I needed to call Bruce to let him know we were almost out and he could get us. Almost simultaneously Wye Knot and Hoosier Mama said that he, Bruce needs to have the trail name Batman. They were hysterical about this suggestion. Me, not being much of a superhero follower did not understand the connection. I knew Batman “saves” the day pretty much like Hubby Bear does for me but I wasn’t feeling their enthusiasm. Then they said that when Batman isn’t being Batman he is Bruce Wayne. OMGosh. I loved it. It was perfect. That’s exactly what Bruce does. While I am hiking he is working and carrying on business as normal until he gets a call from me or another hiker in need. So from here on out Hubby Bear is no longer Hubby Bear, well he is still my man, just now he is Batman. Somehow I need to download the theme song and play it when ever he arrives to the rescue. 
Tomorrow after .4 miles I will have reached the 1500 mile mark. 


Go USA. Until tomorrow,

Happy Hiking

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