Mud, mud, and more mud

10.5 was all we did today. Just a Nero day in the books. We all needed to resupply. Good thing it was a short day because Wye Knot and myself were dead tired. 

Mud, mud, and more mud. 

We have just been swamped with mud. We heard that Vermont is even worse. Whoo Hoo. 


Count and Lavender

 Snack time on the power line clearing. Only sun we saw all morning because the canopy was so thick we could not see the sky. This is good to keep us cool but bad because it is dark and makes it hard to see the trail. This is especially difficult for Wye Knot. 5 minutes into our hike this morning after we bid adieu to Batman, Wye Knot drove his right knee into a log that was too close to the trail. Ouch! He doesn’t have peripheral vision. After a few other mishaps he lets lead again. It’s easier for him to lead. Also, I get to be the Web-breaker. Every morning the spiderwebs cross the trail and the first person through gets break them. Luck for the leader. 

 Beautiful crystal clear water. Haven’t seen that since Georgia and North Carolina. 

This was the longest train I have ever seen. I actually sat down and had to rest. The trail dumped us out right into this cute little town of Dalton, MA. 

 This house showed there support of the trail by posting this sign on there porch.   
This plant makes all the paper used for U.S. Currency. 

  Edits his is a tattoo parlor. Why no hikers?  
LLove this church. It’s a beauty. 

 By the time I got here I thought I sign was for me. I sure did feel elderly. Funny thing is there was no cross walk for the elderly to use. 
Well, I am feed, re supplied, re packed and ready for tomorrow. Sleep will come soon. Sleeping in tent city at a formers hikers house. His abide is closer to the trail then most of the shelters.  

 Happy Hiking

Emily M. Leonard

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