This will be my last 20 mile day.

In late today. I am tired. I will update today’s events tomorrow. 

14 July 2015

What a long day yesterday. Thank God my feet did not hurt again. 4 days in a row with Happy Feet. I can’t even begin to express my appreciation for feet that don’t scream at me with ever step. The only thing different is I have slowed my pace and shortened my distance other then yesterday’s 20 miler. 

We actually did 21 miles yesterday because we journeyed southbound half a mile without realizing it. We climbed to the top of Prospect Mt. And side stepped a few feet to the opening for a view and snack. Afterwards I proceeded to lead what seemed to be in the correct direction only to discover it was a blue Blaze trail. We double backed  to the vista and picked up the white blaze again and continued wth me in the lead. After about 15 minutes of a downhill stroll we came to a road and a sign. I immediately felt my heart sink as I realized we had just traveled southbound for roughly 1/2 mile. So we turned around again and climbed to the peak again. 

Lots of mud again today. We were warned a few days ago by our fellow ancestor hikers about the mud. Even the guidebook hints of it.  

photo of a page from AWOL AT guide

 Batman met us at the shelter and was going to have the tent set up. That was the deal for me hiking 20 miles. I was tired when I finally strolled into the shelter area after 12 hours and 20 minutes of hiking. I couldn’t wait to get to my tent that Batman was going to have already for me. I was saddened when he informed me that he had the wrong fly for the tent and we had to sleep in the shelter. I survived thru the night, no mice or bugs. I was grateful. 

I didn’t eat supper. I just cleaned up in the stream and went to bed. 

Happy Hiking. 

Emily M. Leonard

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