A great way to start the day

What a great way to start the day with a hike up Killington Mt. In Vermont.  

photo from Guthooks AT App

The phot
shows the terrain. The blue dot was where We were an hour ago. We almost to the top, only 1.3 left. We have stopped in a sunny spot with a view and cell service. 

  Break over, stay tuned. 

A lovely hike so far. Not too difficult with good elevation. The forest is so beautiful with all the Hemlock stands and miss covered ground. Temperature is a little cool at above 3000ft especially when the wind blows. Had lunch at the crest of Pico  peak on a flat surface in a tiny bit of sunshine.


I was just thinking how crazy I am to have given up my summer to hike in the forest. I am such a sun seeker and lover of the heat. Not much of either out here in the canopy. 

Passed 1700 miles today which means less then 500 to go. Katahdin gets closer and closer every day. 

Finishing the day at Mountain Meadows Lodge.  

This place is a one-stop for weddings. They also welcome hikers. Tenting for only 10$ but it is scarce. I found a nice place. A room would be much nicer but at 69$ it is out of budget without Batman with me. 

I am finishing my Thai Pad with peanut butter then can’t wait to crawl into my bed. It was a long 13.7 today. Tomorrow is planned for a 16.7 but not sure I can make that, I barely made today’s miles. Tenting comes with breakfast but it isn’t served until 6:30-7am. With a long day planned I need to leave early but Wye Knot was very interested in breakfast. I just may need to head out alone. Won’t be the first time and I am sure it won’t be the last.  We will have to see. 

More to come later today…


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