Did the whole Presidential range today

Will add details tomorrow.

August 11, 2015 Long awesome day hiking the whole Presidential range. It started out at Nauman Campsite where I slept in, something I never do. I got up at 5:30am instead of 5:00am. I pack up my soaking wet tent from the down poor over night. It was actually a pleasant night sleeping in the tent with the rain bouncing off the tent. Once packed I grabbed my food bag from the bear box and walked to the Hut a few hundred feet away. One hiker was there packing her gear and it was Maps. No way!  I thought she and Moxie were a day behind me. Nope. They were right there at the same place and time as me. Doing what I was doing, changing agenda to do the Presidential Range before bad weather. 

I had plans to only hike to The Lake of the Clouds Hut and spend the night because I wanted to wait for my awesome niece, Stephanie who was going to hike the range with me. But weather was forecasted to be really bad Tuesday so I wanted to change plans and hike the range yesterday. That required touching base with Stephanie which was difficult to do with. No cell service. I made the decision to hike out to the Clouds Hut with Maps and Moxie. Once there I reached Steph and she was able to change her plans and we met atop Mt. Washington. It was really incredible. The day before  I was expressing my concern about hiking the Presidentials alone. We prayed about it and those prayers were answered abundantly. I had Steph, Maps and Moxie, Bloomer was around and on top of Mt. Washington at the snack bar was Wye Knot, Iron Maiden and Mr. Peanut Butter. I met Stephanie as she was getting off the shuttle. Timing was incredible. We all were amazed that we all met up at the same place, same time, from different origins without any planning. Wow!!! The trail provides. 

  So up over down and up and down we did the range. The AT trail did not actually traverse the summits, at the junctions, Stephanie would race to the peaks and meet Maps and Moxie at the northern junctions. Most times completing it faster then we did. The final Summit being Mt. Madison, second highest peak in NH was our last one. We stopped at the Madison Spring Hut to rehydrate and throw down food, two Snickers for me. It was at this point we had to decide to push me on because weather was good or go down a side trail. Push on was decided so we didn’t get stuck there today. But Stephanie had to depart by another route to meet John, her dad, my oldest Brother. If she summited with us she would not get out before dark. Safety comes first. I think this was her third attempt to summit Madison and each time could not for one reason or another. Out of the 4 peaks she was with us Madison was the only one where the AT actually went over the peak. It was a glorious but very hard and fun climb with an incredible view. 

We made it to a stealth campsite just below treeline, about 1.5 miles shy of our goal. But it was already 7pm and we were hiking about 1 mile an hour. We decided to stop so we could set up in the light and just get up super early to hike out the 6 miles before the rain came in. Yesterday was one good decision after another the yielded in a fantastic traverse of the Presidential Range a fantastic above treeline almost 12.5 miles. The mountains were named chronologically and by height when the presidents served. For example Mt. Washington is the highest and the first president. But they mad a mistake with Monroe and Adams. 

We made it to Pinkham Notch, under the roof of the visitor patio and the rain came. We called for our shuttle at the hostel that Batman called andade us reservations for. I sent a satellite text to h requesting help since we had no service. Even in Alberta he was able to rescue me and my friends. 

We three girls will chill here and watch the weather before heading off into the 21 mile stretch of the Wildcat Mountains. 

Happy Hiking

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