Made it Back to Fields Pond

     It was a fabulously hot day this morning for our hike. When I arrived at my friend Sharon’s house in Bangor the temperature was already 80 degrees and it was only 9:15am. I was sweating before I walked across the driveway to her house.

     We headed to Fields Pond in Orrington for a leisurely hike. There were no threats of storms to stop my hike today but a sprained wrist prevented any grand adventure this week. I like to hike with poles but my over zealous landscaping project at home a few days ago left my dominant hand pretty much useless. So my hiking was once again limited.

     Just like last week’s rain delay was not a bad thing. Today’s limitations provided a relaxing hike through the beautiful groomed trails of Fields Pond. Instead of laboring up inclines and scrambling over rocks Sharon and I peacefully strolled along carefree and conversed on our own current events.

We enjoyed the flowers

and reminisced about as a kid how we used to pick Queen Ann’s Lace and put them in a vase with food coloring to watch the delicate white flower change to the color of our choice. 
     With all the pretty flowers in bloom brought a host of butterflies. 

     Our favorite spot was along the pond. 

We found a nice spot in the shade to rest and have our snack before returning to the car. Our hike only took us 90 minutes but it was an hour an a half spent with my dear friend. 

Happy Hiking

Emily M. Leonard

About Emily M. Leonard

I am a 50 year old Maine native and lover of the outdoors. Former Physical Education teacher and soccer coach. I am Married to the best husband ever and gave up teaching and coaching to raise our two wonderful sons. I have always enjoyed being outside and on the go.