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Having a senior moment

           Last week I went on my first hike that did not involve walking our dog in the surrounding woods where we live since I returned from my 2015 thru hike last September. It felt so good to get back outside and on a trial. It’s about time I started taking […]

Entertaining 6th graders

December 18th I finally held my first post-hike presentation to a small yet wonderful group of 6th graders, teachers and guests. I went to my old stomping grounds of Hichborn Middle School in Howland. These attentive and excited youngsters followed me on my journey last spring when they were fourth graders as I hiked the […]

Cresta hiking boots

It has been a bit since I promised to start my personal hiking gear reviews. So here is the first one. Presented here in their worn and tattered state are my L.L.Bean Cresta Hiking Boots in all leather with a Gortex lining.     I started with the pair on the left at Amicola Falls, […]

A conversation over heard 

What I learned the most on my get-away to the woods was to appreciate the little things and to really be thankful for what I have and know I am truly blessed. I thought I did that before I went but after being out there I realized I needed work in that area. I just […]

Missing the woods and solitude

I have been home one month and I am already missing the woods and solitude. Even though I have been telling everyone that if you want peace and quiet don’t hike the Appalachian Trail, it is still more tranquil then “normal” living.  I hardly make time for a nice walk. We squeeze the dogs outings […]