I learned that Tequila works better then Ibuprofen

We entered the Shenendoah National Park Sunday.  The easy terrain and smooth path has been a welcome surprise. We have done 20+ miles for 3 days in a row. Even still though, my feet and knees hurt really bad today. I decided I was going to stop at a camp ground 3 miles from our goal destination hut. About 2.5 miles before the camp ground the trail crossed Skyline drive like it has several times a day since we entered the park. As I was crossing a truck pulled up and out jumped a very happy man with a sign that said “Trail Angel Magic ahead.” Well, we were quite happy. I was currently hiking with a fella named Rerun. We have been leap frogging the past few days.


When we got to the campground there were four couples set up to provide food for Thru Hikers. The trail comes within 30 feet of their campsites. It was awesome. We had hot dogs, chicken, salad, veggies, dip, chips, guacamole beer and Tequila. It was fabulous. It was tonight I learned that Tequila takes the pain away much better then Ibuprofen. I wonder if it works on the swelling.

GQ showed up and indulged in the trail magic. Unfortunately Walking Man missed out. He was hurting also and decided to yellow blaze that last few miles since the trail parallels the road and isn’t as hard. GQ brought him some treats though given to him by the Angels.

Today I also saw a mountain lion climbing down from a tree. That was pretty cool. Should I be worried? I hope not.

Well, I need to get to sleep. I have 3 more miles today tomorrow to catch up to the guys.

Happy Hiking


Emily M. Leonard

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