Halfway home on the AT: An epic half-gallon celebration

Today I passed the half way mark.

This is quite a feat. 1094.5 miles down and a little less then that to go. Along with this accomplishment comes the challenge of eating a half gallon of ice cream for celebrating the halfway mark. Of course one has to hike those miles and then buy ones own ice cream for the sole recognition of bragging rights, a souvenir wooden spoon and signing the book. One must choose their flavor wisely. A flavor to rich and filling will surely end in failure. My choice was a pint of butter pecan and a tub of chocolate. Hersey brand of course since we are in PA.

Guess who successfully ate a half gallon of ice cream in 60 minutes. I even had a cheering squad of “civilians” who were watching.

I  am not really sure I should be proud of this fact but I am. An hour later I ate 1/2 a pizza. Love hiking. Eat what I want and lose weight.

I am sitting comfortably now in Becky and Pat’s (sister and her hubby) RV at a near by campground. They are driving from GA to ME. Ha! I am walking. It’s taking me slightly longer. Pat fixed us a nice raspberry beverage to help us relax. Becky is doing my laundry. I lovey personal trail Angels

Tomorrow I will slack pack and come back here then take a couple zero days and maybe nero slack pack days to rest up for the second half ofy journey.

Happy Hiking

Emily M. Leonard

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I am a 50 year old Maine native and lover of the outdoors. Former Physical Education teacher and soccer coach. I am Married to the best husband ever and gave up teaching and coaching to raise our two wonderful sons. I have always enjoyed being outside and on the go.