Quick and easy hike

Thursday 11 June 2015

Today was a quick and easy hike so it seemed. It was almost 15 miles with the usual Pennsylvania rocks with an added extremely steep and long descent to finish the day. For some reason it seemed really easy. My feet only hurt a little bit. I am sure it was because my spirits were high knowing I would see Pappa Bear and Pumpkin Bear when I was done. Plus Pumpkin loadedy IPod mini with lots of great tunes. This was the first day I listened to music for more than one song. I danced over the rocks to Johnny Cash, Waylon, Garth, and many others I don’t even know. I was jamming away, when I was startled out of my shoes by a hiker who had been desparately trying to get my attention so he could pass. He finally gave up doing it the polite way. We both laughed. 

 Today’s interesting views. 

Fern Floored Forest


More rocks

This little green guy is my favorite insect. I have been trying to snap his photo for hundreds of miles. Success came today. He is so cute with his metallic green coloring.     

Break time with some fellow hikers. Mamma Bear and her Cubs. And Oyster and his dog Nate. They are the ones who scared me mentioned above.  

The Rocky descent. Photos never do it justice. It was about 3/4 of a mile long. The longest steepest section of the trail so far.      

piece of cole


paintings on an underpass bridge


Happy Hiking

Emily M. Leonard

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