Sleeping single in a double tent

Whoo Hoo!!!! I am sleeping single in a double tent tonight. It’s like being at the Taszh Mahal. Of course, I’d rather have Batman with me but since he isn’t I will enjoy the extra space. I probably will have second thoughts about 2:00am when I am trying to hear all that extra room at 3800feet. 

I sent my single, Hubba tent with Bruce. I am carrying my double tent called a Hubba Hubba by MSR for a couple days because I will be blessed to have my awesome niece, Stephanie Harvie hike the Presidential range with me on Tuesday. I can’t wait. I pray for good weather. So we can knock out that above tree line stretch with spectacular views. 

Today’s hike was short and sweet, only 6.6 miles but it was a great ascent. Batman started with me after stealth camping by the road at 1949 feet. We made it to Webster Cliffs by 8:00 at roughly 3345feet. We said good-byes and I hiked on and he descending. I summited Mt. Webster at 3910feet then up and over Mt. Jackson at 4052 feet, the southern end of the Presidentials.  There were stunning views atop both peaks and along much of the trail. 

I made it to Mizpah Hut, the second largest of the Appalacian Mountain Club with capacity for 60 guests about 11:45am. I ate lunch inside from my food bag. If I wasn’t gluten free I wouldn’t have to carry so much food through the whites because I could eat at the huts. But, oh well. I ate with a very nice couple from Saco, Maine who were out for the weekend. I also saw Blaze, a NOBO hiker meet from way back. He is continuing on to The Lakes of The Clouds only about 4.8 miles away. I will do that tomorrow. 

I am going to take a nap in my tent right now, I hear the first pitter-patter of rain drops on my fly. About 4:00pm I will walk back over to the hut and see if they have any work for stay spots open. Hope so, then I can sleep inside. 

Happy Hiking

Emily M. Leonard

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I am a 50 year old Maine native and lover of the outdoors. Former Physical Education teacher and soccer coach. I am Married to the best husband ever and gave up teaching and coaching to raise our two wonderful sons. I have always enjoyed being outside and on the go.