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How I define the common trail terms

Today is my last day home. We leave bright and early tomorrow morning. No set time yet, whenever we wake up we will get ready and leave. My hiking partner will text when he is up and we will decide a time then. We all are ready and excited to start this adventure. On February […]

Saying good-bye

What a wonderful surprise there was in the break room for me at work on Monday. I didn’t have a shift that day but I went in to say good-bye to everyone. I have the best co-workers anyone could ask for. In such a short time each and everyone of them have carved a spot […]

Last week of practice hikes

My gear decisions have been made and my pack is stuffed and ready to go. The only thing Left to do is finish assembling my food drops. Starting about April 2014 I had been training with a day pack 5-6 days a week for a distance of no less than 3 miles with one hike being […]

12 More Days

Twelve more days until we pack up and head South. Usually heading south means warm weather and a release from Maine’s harsh winter grip. But with the current weather conditions in Dawsonville, GA, Mother nature has not been to kind. Lots of snow and frigid temps have been hampering many AT hikers. I am just […]

Trail Terms

For those of you new to the trail community the I thought you would enjoy the following glossary. These terms are bound to show up throughout my posts. Enjoy. Hiker Terms  * Thru-hiker – A hiker who is hiking from one terminus to the other terminus. * NOBO – Northbound Hiker * SOBO – Southbound […]


Technology challenges are SLOWLY fading. Purchased my new IPhone 6 Plus, my GoPro and already own my Delorme InReach GPS. Now I just need to work out the kinks. I am a wanna be techie but am some far behind the times if feels tortuous learning what needs to be done to complete the simplest […]

Classroom Visit

Today I had the privilege of visiting my first classroom to share my adventure with them. The students at Enfield Station School in Enfield greated me with open arms and sincere well-wishes. I was so excited, and they were excited. There was enough energy in the room to power a small town. Even though my […]